Kurz Precision Instruments

Elevate surgical precision with KURZ Precision Instruments. Specially designed to facilitate the insertion of prostheses and streamline specific surgical procedures, our instruments are a testament to innovation and excellence in

TTP-VARIAC System Prosthesis

The high flexibility of the TTP-VARIAC System ensures not only the most appropriate length in each case.

Tuebingen Type Ventilation Tubes (Grommets)

Tuebingen Type Ventilation Tubes (Grommets) Large inner lumen Particularly smooth Surface Relatively small outer diameter Available in Gold-Platinum, Gilded Silver and Pure titanium. TUEBINGEN TYPE VENTILATION TUBES ID mm OD

TTP-Tuebingen Type Prosthesis

The TTP-Tuebingen has already been used successfully in tympanoplasty for several decades.

Beveled Type Ventilation Tube (Grommets)

Beveled Type Ventilation Tubes Three progressive sizes suited also for a narrow outer ear canal Funnel shaped outer flange Particularly smooth Surface Large inner lumen Relatively small outer diameter BEVELED

Steady CrimP Forceps

In contrast to conventional crimping forceps the upper part of the KURZ SteadyCrimP Forceps (ring, leg and tip) is connected and moveable. The lower part remains stable. This helps stabilizing

Omega Connector – Sizer

The instrument is placed onto the footplate to determine ample footplate space for the OMEGA CONNECTOR prosthesis. The OMEGA CONNECTOR Sizer was developed for managing the spatial limitations. Length and

CliP Partial FlexiBAL®Prosthesis

A Micro Ball Joint is integrated into the head plate of the FlexiBAL

Trocar Ventilation Tube (Grommets)

Trocar Ventilation Tubes Characteristic design for insertion without prior paracentesis Tube readily mounted on single use trocar tip Reusable stainless steel hand piece Particularly smooth surface Large inner lumen Relatively

KURZ Meter

The KURZ Meter is a precision instrument for measuring the length of the stapes prostheses intraoperatively. It simplifies and standardizes the measuring procedure during stapes surgery. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT CODE KURZ

CliP Partial Prosthesis Dresden

The special feature of the CliP Partial Prosthesis Dresden is its spring-loaded fastening mechanism.

Cartilage Punch

The Cartilage Punch is used to make small oval cartilage slices intraoperatively, swiftly, and in a single step

Tuebingen Ventilation Tube With Eyelets (Grommets)

Ventilation Tubes with Eyelets One or two eyleted medial flanges Lateral flange displays orientation indentation to easily locate medial side flange placement Particularly smooth surface Large inner lumen Relatively small

Angular CliP Prosthesis

The Angular CliP bridges the incudostapedial joint with the aid of two mechanisms.

K-Piston Stapes Prosthesis

K-Piston Stapes Prosthesis Pure titanium Low mass and high rigidity Rounded distal end of the prosthesis Rounded between the piston segment and the loop area Fixed length availability Distal end

KURZ Precise Cartilage Cutter

The KURZ Precise Cartilage Cutter facilitates the cutting of consistently thin cartilage slices, as required for occluding tympanic membrane defects, covering tympanoplasty prostheses, or for the reconstruction of the posterior

Soft CliP Hook Instrument

The Soft CliP Hook especially designed for standardized insertion of NiTiFLEX and Soft CliP Stapes Prostheses.

Angular Piston Stapes Prosthesis

The Angular Piston provides excellent sound transmission due to its design and the material properties of titanium.

Minimal Type Ventilation Tube (Grommets)

Minimal Type Ventilation Tube Sharp medial end to pierce the tube directly in the tympanic membrane without paracentesis Gold Plated stainless steel Particularly smooth surface Large inner lumen Relatively small

TTP-VARIAC Accessory Instruments

VARIAC accessory instruments used for proper execution of the implant assembly steps.

NiTiFLEX Stapes Prosthesis

NiTiFLEX has a loop made of superelastic nitinol which considerably reduces the attachment force.

Soft CliP Stapes Prosthesis

Soft CliP Prostheses for stapedioplasty provide standardized coupling to the long process of the incus without crimping.

CliP Piston MVP Stapes Prosthesis

The CliP Piston MVP is designed for malleus to footplate revision stapes surgery.

NiTiBOND® Stapes Prosthesis

The NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis combines the proven properties of CliP Stapes Prostheses with the benefits of shape memory nitinol.

Sinus Packs

Designed to support the sinus cavity and the osteomeatal complex to ensure airflow through nose.

Epistaxis Nasal Packs

Soft round edges create less friction and reduce irritation.

Standard Nasal Packs

Allowing smooth septum ventilation to ensure patient comfort.

Ear Packs

Ear packs help absorb fluids during surgery.

Ear Wicks

Designed to aid the treatment of otitis externa.

External Aluminium Splints

Easily moulded to the nose and trimmed to size.

External Thermoplastic Splints

Thermoplastic Splints, easily malleable material.

Internal Nasal Airway Splint

Integral airway allows post-op nasal breathing

Silicone Blocks

Silicone Blocks to custom fabricate.

Nasal Septal Button

Nasal Septal Buttons reduce or eliminate many symptoms of nasal Septal perforations.

Suction Tube For Throat And Sinus Disposable

Suction tubes to remove foreign body material from throat and sinus.

Silicone Folios

A great solution for splinting.

Suction Controller

Designed to fit suction tubes.

Suction Tube For Ear – Disposable

Fine suction devices for even the narrowest approaches.

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Angular Prosthesis Plester

Angular Plester Prosthesis creates a secure, standardized connection between the stapes head and the long process of the incus when discontinuity is present.

OMEGA Connector

The OMEGA CONNECTOR is designed to compensate for tympanic membrane movements and provide additional stability.