TTP-VARIAC System Prosthesis


Proven Benefits Of KURZ TYMPANOPLASTY Prostheses

  • Fine, elegant design
  • Fenestrated head plate
  • Partially roughened surface
  • Pure titanium
  • Finely balanced weight distribution
  • MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

High-Precision Patented System

The TTP-VARIAC System provides variability that is unique throughout the world. It comprises two variable-length titanium prostheses (Partial and Total) and the multi-functional AC sizer Disk. With the aid of the Sizer the surgeon can determine the required length of the prosthesis with precision. This prosthesis also makes a major contribution to the optimization of inventory levels.

TTP-VARIAC System Partial (Prosthesis and Sizer-Disk) Adjustable Length 1.75 - 4.50 mm (in 0.25 mm increments) Functional Length (FL) 0.75 - 3.50 mm 1002020
TTP-VARIAC System Total (Prosthesis and Sizer-Disk) Adjustable Length 3.0 - 7.0 mm (in 0.25 mm increments) 1004020

The TTP-VARIAC System Total Prosthesis is compatible with the OMEGA CONNECTOR. REF#1004930

This product has been developed in close collaboration with Tuebingen University ENT Clinic, Germany.

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