Kurz Precision Instruments

Elevate surgical precision with KURZ Precision Instruments. Specially designed to facilitate the insertion of prostheses and streamline specific surgical procedures, our instruments are a testament to innovation and excellence in

Steady CrimP Forceps

In contrast to conventional crimping forceps the upper part of the KURZ SteadyCrimP Forceps (ring, leg and tip) is connected and moveable. The lower part remains stable. This helps stabilizing

Omega Connector – Sizer

The instrument is placed onto the footplate to determine ample footplate space for the OMEGA CONNECTOR prosthesis. The OMEGA CONNECTOR Sizer was developed for managing the spatial limitations. Length and

KURZ Meter

The KURZ Meter is a precision instrument for measuring the length of the stapes prostheses intraoperatively. It simplifies and standardizes the measuring procedure during stapes surgery. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT CODE KURZ

Cartilage Punch

The Cartilage Punch is used to make small oval cartilage slices intraoperatively, swiftly, and in a single step

KURZ Precise Cartilage Cutter

The KURZ Precise Cartilage Cutter facilitates the cutting of consistently thin cartilage slices, as required for occluding tympanic membrane defects, covering tympanoplasty prostheses, or for the reconstruction of the posterior

Soft CliP Hook Instrument

The Soft CliP Hook especially designed for standardized insertion of NiTiFLEX and Soft CliP Stapes Prostheses.

TTP-VARIAC Accessory Instruments

VARIAC accessory instruments used for proper execution of the implant assembly steps.