TTP-VARIAC System Prosthesis

The high flexibility of the TTP-VARIAC System ensures not only the most appropriate length in each case.

TTP-Tuebingen Type Prosthesis

The TTP-Tuebingen has already been used successfully in tympanoplasty for several decades.

CliP Partial FlexiBAL®Prosthesis

A Micro Ball Joint is integrated into the head plate of the FlexiBAL

CliP Partial Prosthesis Dresden

The special feature of the CliP Partial Prosthesis Dresden is its spring-loaded fastening mechanism.

Angular CliP Prosthesis

The Angular CliP bridges the incudostapedial joint with the aid of two mechanisms.

Angular Prosthesis Plester

Angular Plester Prosthesis creates a secure, standardized connection between the stapes head and the long process of the incus when discontinuity is present.

OMEGA Connector

The OMEGA CONNECTOR is designed to compensate for tympanic membrane movements and provide additional stability.